Advanced Multi-Model


Virtual Engine

Advanced Co-Simulation Software

for stand alone and tool coupling co-simulation of heterogeneous models

A platform for model utilization

Exploit your models by giving them a new life: starting from the authoring tool, you can automatically create a vivid simulation with dedicated dashboards.

Optimize complex model execution

Multi-core, multi-solver and multi-rate execution to boost the performance of your simulations.

Extend simulation use to non-experts

Extend simulation use to non-experts thanks to customizable user-friendly interfaces.

Ensure continuity from MiL to HiL

Exploit your models from the MiL phase until the HiL phase and take benefit from the FEV Collaborative Framework.

Unique Software Environment

A model-based collaborative framework to boost the development process

Innovative simulation software products

The challenge is to develop more complex powertrains in less time. It causes a rapidly increasing demand to powerful but also intuitive solutions.

FEV’s decades of experience in powertrain dynamics simulation and multi-body system simulation have been incorporated into a unique collaborative framework meeting today’s engineering needs.

Continuous development process

With the FEV Collaborative Framework, the powertrain models are initially implemented at the desktop, then send and executed at the test rig in real time, combined with physical components. In a final step, the real powertrain is validated on the road. From beginning to end, the engineers stay in the same software environment: FEVFLEX for information management and MORPHEE for processing the tasks.

Virtual Engine

Key features at a Glance

Make your models work together

Many experienced simulation engineers prefer xMOD because of its ease of use and its flexibility.

xMOD provides a heterogeneous model integration environment for models built by different persons using different languages and tools and working within different entities.

Read more about the main features

A virtual experimentation laboratory

xMOD is a simulation platform that adapts its interface to each engineering field: to be an expert in modeling is no longer necessary to run simulations!

The graphical user interface allows you to import your models and use your instruments by Drag’n’Drop.

Extreme performance

Inside of xMOD you find highly optimized algorithms and advanced synchronization techniques based on Multi-threading and Multi-core processing.

This allows xMOD to execute models embedding different solvers at different step-times on multi-core architectures, enabling drastically speeding-up complex simulations execution.

What you can do with xMOD

  • Define new architectures for hybrid powertrains,
  • Or as well optimize the energy management system of an hybrid powertrain,
  • Simulate a complete after-treatment system,
  • Calibrate at the desktop a “EURO 6d – RDE” engine, ...
  • And test all that at the engine test bed, with the required models played on real time.

xMOD News

xMOD will participate to the following events:

IDAJ CAE Solution

IDAJ CAE Solution Conference, Engine-in-the-Loop: A Method for Efficient Calibration and Virtual Testing of Advanced Diesel Powertrains , 8th & 11th of November 2018 – Yokohama- Japan.

FEV Simulation & Calibration Symposium

FEV Simulation & Calibration Symposium, November 27th, 2018, Stuttgart, Germany. In two parallel sessions, you will be informed about latest developments with regard to simulation and calibration solutions.

An exclusive FEV
xMOD Webinar

xMOD Webinar: How co-simulation enables efficient automotive product development. Register here for free to the xMOD webinar.

Hassen Hadj-Amor

Hassen Hadj-Amor

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